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Sky TV Channels
A Sky TV package is made up of your channel choices and your choice of Sky box. Sky's channels are grouped into mixes so that you only pay for the types of channels that you want to watch.

All TV packages must include at least one of Sky's Entertainment Mixes, you can then add one or both of our Premium Mixes - Sports Mix and Movies Mix.

Check out the table below to see how you could save up to 100 on Sky+ and Sky HD when you take Sky Broadband, Sky Talk and/or Sky Multiroom services.

Sky Digital Offers

One-off standard set-up cost of 30 applies for any combination of Sky products.

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  No Premium Mixes Sports Mix Movies Mix Sky Sports and Movies Mix
Any 1 Mix £16 £34 £34 £41
Any 2 Mixes £17 £35 £35 £42
Any 3 Mixes £18 £36 £36 £43
Any 4 Mixes £19 £36 £36 £43
Any 5 Mixes £20 £37 £37 £44
Any 6 Mixes £21 £38 £38 £45